Bienvenue en France!

With 25 years of experience organizing all aspects of music trips throughout France, Culture France is here to assist you with all of your travel and performance needs and to help you create great memories for your clients. 

Whether the event takes place in a large prestigious venue, a century-old Cathedral, a Chateau in the Loire Valley, or in a small country church outside Aix en Provence, we will deliver the best experience for you. 

France embodies history, food, and wine, but let us not forget its great music culture. We always ensure that your group is matched with the right type of venue and event. We organize culture exchanges, and we facilitate joint performances with host bands, orchestras, and choirs. 


Audience! Audience!

Your audience is one of the key elements to a successful tour. Who better than a French company to assemble a French audience. 

We collaborate with many local conservatories, choirs, music schools, and educators all over the country who are always delighted to meet and perform with their international counterparts. 

All concerts are followed by a post-performance opportunity to meet the locals who have a common interest in music. We provide cakes for the younger ones and a ‘verre de l’amitié’ for the adults. 

We are acutely aware that time is of the essence and we always provide you with a first draft itinerary within 72-hours. We then fine tune the itinerary in order to accommodate your particular requests and specifications. 

Please contact us for a personalized itinerary and proposal for your visit and performance in France. 

Now Accepting Applicants For
The Great Riviera New Year’s Day Parade 2024

Allied with the city of Nice, Culture France is proud to be the organizing partner for the annual Great Riviera Parade of Bands. Enjoy seven days touring and performing along the coast of Southern France. Join us for our inaugural event and ring in New Year’s 2024 on the French Riviera! 

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